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Baby HeartSongs Programs for Babies, Mothers, Parents, Children
Until the moment of birth, all babies are surrounded and sustained by the sounds of the mother’s heartbeat and the sounds of her body. Baby HeartSongs reminds the baby of the comfort and security of the womb, easing the transition process.
HeartSongs Pillow
Everything you need to comfort and nurture your baby. Contains the comforting sound of the mother’s heartbeat plus other sounds heard in the womb. In addition, there are specific calming frequencies, and a loving message welcoming your newborn to this world set in quiet, slow, soothing music. With the HeartSongs Pillow, the program of your choice is loaded onto a unique MP3 player that also allows the parents to record their own messages. This is paired with a non toxic speaker pillow. It is placed in the crib/isolette near or touching the baby. Moms and Dads can also use the pillow to assist them in relaxing: place under your pillow or on pain points and play Healing Tones programs from either Musical Medicine or Emotional Sound Techniques

 Natural Baby Program:

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