Premature Birth Program for Expectant Parents

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HeartSongs Pillow: Premature Birth Program for Expectant Parents is the most effective way to deliver our programs to your baby. (Included on the Mp3 are 3 Programs) 

Everything you need to comfort and nurture your baby.

The Premature Baby Program contains the comforting sounds the baby would have heard and felt in the womb.  In addition, there are tracks of specifically composed slow, quiet music, precise calming frequencies, and a loving message welcoming your newborn to this world including a mother’s heartbeat. The program has specific timings and sequencing to assist the baby in adjusting to being prematurely separated from mom.

  • The program is loaded onto the MP3 player in real time without compression. (Although our ears may not hear this, compressed music files have been stripped of much of the information [overtones and subtones] that make the programs so effective.)
  • The MP3 player attaches to a fiber pillow strip with speakers that faithfully reproduce all the unique sounds and music in our programs.
  • The unique MP3 player can also record messages for the baby from mother and father [instructions included] so your baby can hear your voice when you are away.
  • Also included in the MP3 are 2 other programs: 1) a guided imagery meditation for parents to learn how to relax and prepare for their new baby, and 2) The Miracle Chord – beautiful music for relaxing, healing, rebalancing, calming. Good for older babies, kids, and adults. More explanation of these programs can be found on the Listings Page.
  • Place the speaker pillow in the isolette near or next to the baby.
  • Speaker pillow can also be used by anyone for relaxing and pain relief. Just place the pillow on the pain point and play a Healing Tones CD through it. Healing Tones
  • Easy instructions are included.

We recommend playing this for your baby 3 times a day for as long as needed. You can then switch to The Miracle Chord.