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the absolute BEST way to get your sound therapy

Our bodies absorb frequencies/tones/music best when delivered through special speakers called transducers. Given that one-third of our brain stem is devoted to vibro tactile stimulation, listening to music with our ears  AND our bodies gives the maximum experience. You relax faster, pain decreases faster, and many other symptoms ‘let go’.

This amazing vibro acoustic cushion was developed by Dr. Cartel to assist in relaxing and decreasing many physical and emotional symptoms.

It’s easy to use control includes programs for relaxing, sleep, and energizing. AND, you can attach a CD player or your MP3 and play our specialized programs through it.

~Great for Moms AFTER birthing

~Great for babies with our BabyHeartSongs programs

~Great for kids, Dads, grandparents!

More information on VibroAcoustics can be found HERE

To ORDER your cushion at $295 + shipping click HERE

4 month old sleeping to Miracle Chord

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